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UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 2012: Letters from Donald Monin to public, U.S. Senate and a Summary of Events

UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 2012: Deposition of Donald Monin

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 30, 2012: Supporting Documents

UPDATE AUGUST 21, 2012: Updated Detailed Timeline of Events

UPDATE AUGUST 20, 2012: Detailed Timeline of Events and Exhibits

UPDATE AUGUST 17, 2012: Hubbard Conflict of Interest and Massive Injustice

Co-Conspirators in the Liquidation of Monin, Inc.

Brief Introduction

PART I: Karen Winner Report on the Monin Litigation

PART II: Edward C. Brewer III Legal Analysis

Bios of Edward C. Brewer and Karen Winner

Exhibits 1 and 2 to Legal Analysis: 1991 Settlement Agreement and Record to Court of Appeals *Exhibit 3, Monin Court Docket, omitted due to length of 118 pages.

Summary of Malicious Acts

Timeline of Events and Exhibit 1-5

Exhibits 6-11

Additional Letters and Details of Injustice in 1990 Trial

Exhibits 12-16

Summary of Events After 1990 Trial

Real Estate Appraisal of Monin Property

Will of Charles K. Monin Senior

Judgment and Verdict on Charles K. Monin Senior’s Will

Extortion via Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release

Attorney Gaither Letter Regarding Settlement Agreement

Denial of Review by Justice Lambert

1997 Trial Orders and Judgment

Donald Monin Letter to Doug Hubbard

Donald Monin Letter to the Attorney General

Donald Monin Letters to the John Kelley

Additional Filings, Orders and Affidavits

Informed Parties Who Haven’t Taken Action

Documents Distributed to all participants at the Annual Shareholders Meeting at Town & Country Bank in Bardstown, KY on April 20, 2012

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December 21, 2012 – Are We Gone?

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